SANTA 1 RED SCAN_20141226_220046470

This might be my most popular Christmas card image, as it’s RED. A friend chose it to make laminated posters for me. She was so excited about my show at the library in December. However, my ‘best seller’ has been the multi-colour metallic. It is #6, the final blind contour drawing, and I was much freer by this time, having ‘warmed up’ with the others, all in different colours. Was hoping this (red) image would ‘show up’ on the blog…

You must know, I’m new at blogging. Shall have a tutorial in September. Meanwhile I have imposed upon myself some scary deadlines, related to poetry, which is where my heart is… Yes, I like to leave a little bit of my ‘heart’ on each page…even if it is just an appreciation of my subject matter.

Woke up at 4 a.m. with a title that was escaping me last night. Good morning, afternoon or evening, as the case may be, dear reader.



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