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It should be here somewhere…Juergen Bruhns surprised me with this favourite banner photo, taken the day of the Anvil Centre opening in 2014. (Well, I did ‘pose’ apparently…)

It was a busy afternoon for me. First I was reading poetry in the opening program here, then ‘rushing’ down Columbia St to feature at Poetic Justice, then back to catch more of the activities in the Anvil Centre.

At the same time, my first framed piece of art (in my Introduction below) was part of the show in the Community Gallery on the third floor.

I know, I know…you might want to see more photos in my gallery…more poetry… Patience, please… For a long time I was in the habit of posting published poems in my Facebook Notes section. You might find them there.

Oh here’s one…I just learned today that this poem was published in the spring… First a disclaimer. I don’t mean that we should all be poets. I guess it’s a message to those of us who _are_ poets, to ‘go there’. Hopefully I can avoid those blank lines in future, the double-spacing.


written in Janet Vickers’ Workshop: Poetry & Prayer—

on developing & discovering our own unique spirituality

be the

delicate vibrations

of the string


be the

powerful percussion

of the drum


be the

trembling hand

of the poet


be the listener

the channel

let the muse visit


be the scribe

the messenger


be brave

be     the poet!

 Franci Louann October 25, 2008

at BC Unitarian Fall Gathering at Simon Fraser University

Published in spring 2016 issue of The Canadian Unitarian, popularly known as “CanU”, the national newsletter of the Canadian Unitarian Council. Issues are published twice a year (spring and fall), and sent (online) to members of CUC member congregations.

It’s been a long day. I went early to the Douglas College bookstore for some favourite file covers with pockets, to help organize my efforts here, re submissions & applications. Tonight we had a longish session for Poetry in the Park, in the gallery. Many open mic poets were brilliant. My poem was well-received – “MY RELATIONSHIP WITH ROBERT LOWELL, or, When I was Asked to Read at Oxford”. Yes, it’s funny.

Features at our last PIP were Renee Saklikar & Wade Compton. Renee was more delicious than ever. Wade I’d been waiting to meet for a long time. They have worked on projects together, so bounced off each other nicely. Wade & Jonina Kirton are writing together a production about James & Amelia Douglas – what a delightful surprise for me! Just yesterday, when too late for the bookstore, I’d visited the Amelia Douglas gallery upstairs at Douglas College & thought about the lives of that couple. Can hardly wait for that work to arrive. No wonder my dear friend Jonina is so busy… She has advised me on a manuscript idea, which sadly went to a back burner. I have a title…

And so, good night, poets & non-poets…


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