Broadway and Macdonald, September 17, 2001


you note the gold coin at my throat

I finger it and say, the person’s head

is the Statue of Liberty

it must be, it’s American


very appropriate for these times

you answer; I continue

the head is the back of the coin, I like it better

the front has eagles on it


maybe they represent something evil…

embarrassed for my possible faux pas

I mumble on

how can eagles be evil?


(is it politically incorrect to speak of politics

at this time? is that     what I’m learning?)

how are you really? we ask, knowing

the answers would be different otherwise…



here at the Sunshine Diner, almost one week after—

you’re gone, the rock music goes quiet;

amid images of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jimmy Dean

this is the right place for my memorial—


the poems that would not come, could not;

my hand over paper

chases mauve and lime-coloured shadows—

the eerie, surreal effects of the diner’s neon lights


and the spirits

of Americans

who died

too young…


Franci Louann flouann@telus.net September 17, 2001

Peace   war   coping   terrorism

Published on Facebook September 11, 2013 & 2015

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