9/11 Trilogy



Amriya Shelter, Baghdad, Iraq


I awake to hear the news

of one hundred     blackened bodies     in Baghdad

all the women of a neighbourhood

in a bomb shelter     with their children

attacked     at night

by our allied forces


one hundred     blackened bodies

one man has lost     eleven


this is February 13th

today is Ash Wednesday

on the Christian calendar

most of our leaders are     Christian?

tomorrow     is Valentine’s Day

most     of our leaders are     lovers?


one hundred     blackened bodies

women and children

one man has lost     eleven


one man

has lost


Post script:

On February 14, 2001 Agence France Presse published Iraq Wants U.S. Tried for War Crimes, stating: a total of 407 people were killed, including 269 women in the Amriya shelter in Baghdad, on February 13, 1991. This shelter, one of thirty-four in Baghdad, has been kept untouched as a memorial.

Franci Louann flouann@telus.net February 13, 1991 after hearing the CBC news

Published at www.poetsagainstthewar.org in early 2003 & on Facebook

Keywords: peace    war   regret   loss   memorial   military



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