Thanks, Fellahs!

Thank you to pals, Joe Dynahan Thompson and Michael Scales, for the photos used for my “ABOUT” page banner here. Thanks also to Laura Redmond, of RetroMetro Designs Inc.,, who is helping me build this site…

Joe and I met on his birthday…I was happy to be able to provide this portrait…we and our mutual friend, S.E.N.M., had a lot of laughs that day in the Whole Foods cafe.

Michael and I are shown at the spring fund-raiser for Beacon Unitarian’s Syrian family, who arrived this summer. That’s where I purchased Laura’s excellent service in creating this website (blog-site?). We had so much fun at our table (with art) that we missed a whole round of the Trivia Contest!

My GALLERY banner has my most popular drawing…”Two Dimensions”.

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