Here we are in La Boca, where the tango was born.



the airport crowd—familiar faces surprise us;

our driver, eyes blue-green as a rare lake


spring in Buenos Aires, some cherry blossoms, will there be more?

Recoleta, the artists´ market, our first souvenirs


at Florida and Lavalle the music entrances—why your smile across the crowd?

later, my camera gone


at the internet café, a power failure, my dos pesos refused;

confusion at the bank machine—a man asks, are six hundred pesos ours?


a kiss on Córdoba—young lovers, spring afternoon;

rainy day on Córdoba—that red shirt—half-price? no


Mother´s Day     a young man sleeps in a doorway

at the orchid store, they are filling a taxi with flowers


Avenida de Nueve de Julio   ninth of July, Independence Day;

world’s widest street—strong wind at kiosk—we all pick up post cards


Monument for the Victims of Terrorism by the State

by the wide brown river, where some disappeared


two red umbrellas at Nueve de Julio—we need two green lights to cross;

long hair before us—ebony, brunette and blonde—a ‘shampoo commercial’


jacaranda blossoms—tiny purple trumpets blanket plazas

pigeons hide in dark branches


narrow sidewalks—walking is like the tango

would lessons help?


Franci Louann   October 2007 – March 2008

Argentina   travel   nature   trees    flowers

Argentina’s independence was won on July 9, 1816.

Honourable Mention Kisses and Popsicles (spring) contest 2009,

Sent with 2nd set of three poems, when deadline was extended.


    1. Why, thank you, Mr Bryce. Nice to hear from you on my blog. I think we met at Poetic Justice? I’m usually so busy there that I can’t socialize enough. But now some of us go to the Boston Pizza pub just ‘down the hall’ (up the steps?) after our regular event, to talk more about poetics. 🙂


      1. Yep. Might have been at the defunct Mexican joint That’s where I remember picking up your mini flyer. But you know memory. Tricky little monkey. The Mexican restaurant was good in that there is parking there. Otherwise…


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