Franci Louann (Workman), an established poet, emerged as a visual artist in 2014 when her first framed piece was accepted for the Anvil Centre’s inaugural community show. “Two Dimensions” is a contour drawing, an abstraction of the famous “Wait for Me, Daddy” photo. It has been sold; copies are available.

Contour drawing is a favourite art form for Franci. Mr. & Mrs. Claus, famous in our Royal Centre each year, commissioned her to do these portraits, the “Santa Series”. Six originals were created, in different colours, for the ‘Claus’ family members. They have the originals; copies are available, also Christmas cards.

The “Mia Impressions” were done in Franci’s only life drawing experience. The ten (eleven) poses were done first in black, then again (differently) in red, then blue. Black and white copies are available.

Franci also enjoys minimalist line work, making portraits with as few lines as possible. Ms. Louann is available for parties and FUN-d-raising.